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MX-2B2 Filling Machine With feedback

Short Description:

Capacity:20-55 tin/min

Work Model: one filling by auger & single weighting & reject

Tin specification range:



Filling Weight:10-5000g(By change auger’s diameter)

Measuring Accuracy:≤±1%

Hopper Volume:50L

Total Weight:450Kg

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product description

Chinese/English touch screen man-machine interface, PLC control system, servo motor drive filling screw servo motor drive to the tank turntable.

It can be packaged in cans or bottle-shaped containers, equipped with an automatic can feeding system, which can realize the lack of bottles and no cans, open door bins, humanized and easy-to-wash frame racks, complete machine structure, reasonable layout, replacement of packaging varieties, and extremely clean and hygienic Convenience.

Weighing feedback specific gravity tracking, weight over-tolerance alarm, fault alarm prompt and waste discharge function, to ensure a high product qualification rate.

The working data can be stored and reserved, with the function of holding tank, vibration, and dust collection.

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