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MX-2B3 Automatic Auger filling machine

Short Description:

Product Container: Columnar tin can: Diameter 50-180mm, Height 50-350mm

Filling Weight: 10-5000g (By changing auger accessory)

Packing Accuracy:≤±1.5g

Packing Speed:20-55 tins/min.

Total Power:3.5Kw

Siemens PLC and touch screen, Panasonic servo motor

Include one module 

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product description

Double 50L/25L hopper,with filling and refill function,assure you good accuracy
Touch screen ,Display 2 language,easy to operate
bottle turntable,have different size suitable your bottle
Belt conveyor,can adjust the speed according to pack require
Electric control,we use famous brand,steady and easy to get when it is urgent
Metering Auger,the key part,lathe processing make sure the high accuracy.can custom as your require

The automatic screw filling machine program modular design, Plc control system, man-machine interface, the working mode is clear at a glance, all parameters can be used after adding the program module.
Packed in cans or bottle-like containers, equipped with automatic feeding system, can realize no bottle, no filling without bottle,
It has the functions of out-of-tolerance alarm, fault alarm prompt and waste discharge, not letting go of each bottle of unqualified product to ensure the product qualification rate.
The structure and layout of the whole machine are reasonable, the packaging varieties are changed, and the cleaning is convenient.
Using specific gravity feedback tracking and high-speed response clutch brake to push the screw, greatly improve the packaging accuracy and mechanical stability and durability, less maintenance costs.

Product feature

High Accuracy and high speed.
Packaging powdery in cans or bottles.
Have double weighing and feedback system .
Chinese/English or custom your language in the touch screen.
Reasonable mechanical structure, easy to change size parts and clean up.
Through changing accessories, the machine is suitable for various powder products.
Have the functions of can support, vibration and dust extraction.
We use famous brand electric ,more steady .
Personal service- on site visits and consultation.

Product usage

This machine is suitable for many kinds of powder pack machine can used as :
Milk powder filling machine ,flour powder filling machine ,coffee powder filling machine
Pack powder :for instance ,milk powder ,monosodium glutamate ,solid beverage ,icing sugar ,dextrose ,feed ,coffee ,solid medicament ,powdery &grainy additive ,dye ,etc.

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