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Roller Sorter Conveyor

  • Assembly lines – roller conveyor

    Assembly lines – roller conveyor

     Shanghai muxiang assembly lines : roller production line, plate chain production line, double speed chain production line, drying channel assembly line, spraying assembly line, suspension chain assembly line, belt assembly line, plug-in assembly line, aging assembly line, logistics transportation assembly line, non-standard supporting assembly line, manipulator, workbench, turning machine and other automatic assembly line equipment and related accessories. Shanghai Muxiang mainly provides au...
  • Electric wheels sorting machine conveyor

    Electric wheels sorting machine conveyor

    Electric wheels sorting machine conveyor used in logistic dividing bag,wheels sorting machine is an equipment used for belt conveyor system or roller conveyor system. The characteristics of this design is to track conveyed goods accurately and stably as well as set sorting positions at any position along both sides of conveyor lines conveniently to satisfy customers with different sorting requirements.

  •  Stainless steel roller conveyor

     Stainless steel roller conveyor

    Roller conveyors are a form of conveyor belt that utilizes rollers – evenly-spaced rotating cylinders – to allow objects to skate across its surface. They move material from one place to another destination, and often leverage gravity or implement small motors to do so.