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MX-3AL/3BL Automatic Vertical Bag Packaging Machine

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This is vertical form fill and seal machines which are very space-saving, designed for high performance (output) with reproducible sealing. All machines are fully automatic and designed in the Two-Mode-Tec design and operate intermittently and/or continuously. The design of the formats allows the production of tubular bags without and with gusset, block bottom bags and StabilPack bags, also tetrahedron bags or spherical bags. The wide variety of packaging shapes also requires individual formats to realize sealing seams and the various features of the bags. Almost all common bag features can be realized.

Filling way Auger Filling Auger Filling
Bag Size W50-160 L80-230 W70-250 L100-320
Film thickness 0.05~0.08mm 0.05~0.08mm
Filling Weight 1`300g 10~3000g
Accuracy ≤±0.3~1%(According to packaging weight and speed)
Capacity 20~50bags/m 25~85bags/m
Power Supply 3phase 380V/220V 50~60HZ 3phase 380V/220V 50~60HZ
Air Pressure 6~8kg/cm2 6~8kg/cm2
Weight 250kg 800Kg
Dimension 1035*920*2150mm 1400*1200*2600

This machine has function of making bag,weighting,filling meterial and nitrogen,coding.It's suitable for powder packing and in line with national standards.

◆There is PLC and touchcreen in this machine,the parameter can be saved.

◆The location of incision can be change while the machine is running.

◆This machine can make many kinds of bags,such as flat bags,three-dimensional bags and handbags

◆There is Fault Alerm System in this machine,it will be start with the door is't closed,the cutter cuts to the meterials,the film is run out,etc.

◆This machine is fully enclosed with low noise and dust,including nitrogex flushing system.

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