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The difference between common and professional assembly line

Difference between ordinary assembly line and suspension assembly line – Company News – non-standard equipment customization / whole plant solution / automatic assembly line / spraying equipment / Hongtu automation equipment Co., Ltd. / AGV unmanned carrier / three-dimensional warehouse / automatic cleaning machine / automatic packaging line 

With the rapid development of industrial technology, more and more automatic assembly lines have replaced intensive manual operation. The utilization rate of ordinary assembly line is very high, especially in the home appliance industry and electronic industry. In the assembly line industry, there is a hanging assembly line for the production needs of some specific processes. What is the difference between ordinary assembly line and hanging assembly line?

The mounting carrier is different

The ordinary assembly line is installed on the ground, and the products are transported and installed on the assembly line. The length of the ordinary production line is often designed according to the product needs of the enterprise; The suspension assembly line is installed in midair, and the products are suspended below for transportation and assembly.

Different application industries

Ordinary assembly lines are widely used in all industries, and can be used in almost all industries with high production efficiency, so they are favored by all walks of life; The suspension assembly line can only carry out small batch production, and is often used together with other equipment. Therefore, the suspension assembly line is mostly used in the automotive industry and spraying industry.

Different structure

The structure of ordinary assembly line and suspension assembly line is different, and the fields and processing methods are different, so there are great differences in their design.

Post time: Sep-18-2021