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Assembly line equipment – roller conveyor

As the most widely used automatic assembly line in automatic technology production line, roller conveyor has the advantages of large transportation capacity, faster speed, simple structure, high stability, convenient maintenance and so on.

roller conveyor-1

1. How to judge whether the goods are suitable for roller transportation?

It should be considered from two aspects: commodity standard and external natural environment standard

(1) Commodity standard: 

The bottom edge of goods transported by suitable rollers shall be leveled and hard, such as hard paper box, thick bottom plastic box, metal material (steel) material box, drag tray, etc.

When the bottom edge of the goods is soft plastic or irregular (such as hard bag, hand bag, irregular bottom edge parts, etc.), it is uncomfortable to cooperate with roller transportation – assembly line.

As shown in the following figure:

(2) External natural environment standard:

Different rollers have their suitable temperature, and it is important to use the right materials. Plastic parts have high ductility under ultra-low temperature, which is not suitable for long-term application; Polyurethane material is easy to absorb the external color, so it can not be used to transport the packaging design and goods with packaging and printing color on the belt.

roller conveyor-2


2. Structural form classification:

General roller and stacking roller


The connection method between the transmission gear and the roller itself is different: 

General roller:

The integrated fixed structure is selected, that is, the transmission gear rotates and the roller rotates with it

Stacking roller:

The split theme active structure is selected. When there is no cargo accumulation, the transmission gear and the roller rotate together. When there is cargo accumulation, the transmission gear rotates at high speed and the roller itself does not rotate.

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Post time: Sep-16-2021