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Short Description:

Telescopic belt conveyor suitable for bulk Bags boxes cargoes loading and unloading from  trucks/ containers. It is widely used in logistic, express,food and baverage, clothing , pharmaceutical industry, other manufacturing factory and warehouse, etc…

It’s optional for below features:

2 / 3 /4 /5 sections

fixed or movable

inclined belt


High chassis

belt width 600/ 800mm


Speed 0-45m / min

Motor: SEW or Nord brand

Belt: Amara Brand

Product Detail

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The Extendable Belt Conveyor is a telescoping conveyor that extends into the truck trailer as an ergonomic solution for loading and unloading. These conveyors are most commonly found in shipping and receiving areas, warehouses, and other locations where it is necessary to move packages and other items in and out of trucks and shipping containers.Extendable, telescoping conveyors can improve productivity and efficiency at the dock door.
Telescopic conveyor is the ideal solution
When your facility integrates one of our telescopic conveyors into its operations, you will enjoy numerous benefits, including:

Productivity: The Muxiang telescopic conveyor reduces loading and unloading time by decreasing the number of operators and the effort required in these processes. The Muxiang telescopic conveyor accomplishes this through easy extension and retraction, intuitive operator controls, optimal ergonomics and seamless integration with the existing permanent conveyor solution. This means tasks that would normally involve multiple operators, extended walking time, and inefficient picking and packing are now completed quickly and safely with just an operator or two — depending on package sizes. This results in faster turnaround and higher fulfillment rates.

Safety: With its ergonomic design, our telescopic boom conveyor is easier for employees to use safely. It cuts the risk of repetitive stress injuries as well as strains and other exertion injuries by placing the loading or unloading point at an ergonomically favorable point for the operator. This ultimately leads to lower costs and less downtime.

Less idle time: Without an extendable conveyor solution, much time is spent walking or forklifting packages and boxes from the permanent conveyor end to the dock (or vice versa), and additional time moving items to (or from) the innermost areas of the container. This additional handling time is considered idle time since it is not actively contributing to the completion of the process. An extendable conveyor eliminates this wasted time by bringing the conveyor right to the loading or unloading point within the trailer.

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Telescopic Belt Conveyor9
Telescopic Belt Conveyor10
Telescopic Belt Conveyor8

What’s the Belt conveyors?
Telescopic conveyer suitable for bulk Bags loading and unloading from the trucks. A telescoping conveyor is a flat conveyor that operates on telescopic slider beds. They are popular at receiving and shipping docks where the conveyor is extended into inbound or outbound trailers for unloading or loading. These conveyors used for loading of boxes and cartons in trucks and containers.

How can we guarantee quality?
Always a pre-production sample before mass production;
Always final Inspection before shipment;

Why should you buy from us not from other suppliers?
Over 20 years focusing in conveyor, over 30 professional engineers, yearly manufacturing over thousand conveyors. Our company is a High-Tech Enterprise focusing on conveyor and equipment based on China and facing the world.

What services can we provide?
Accepted Delivery Terms: FOB,CIF,EXW;Accepted Payment Currency:USD,CNY;Accepted Payment Type: T/T,L/C;Language Spoken:English,Chinese

 Why we should choose your company?
We are professional in automatic machinery for many years, and we provide better after-sales service. You guarantee no risk for our deal.

What kind of product you have? 
Telescopic conveyer / telescopic roller conveyor / wheels sorting machine / turning belt conveyor / sheet metal / welding process and so on.

Product parameters

Product description

Application Industries

Building Material Shops,Machinery Repair Shops,
Manufacturing Plant,Food & Beverage Factory , Farms ,
Construction works , Energy &Mining

Frame Material

Stainless Steel Carbon steel

Belt Material


Motor Material

Siemens/SEW/Guomao/Other famous Chinese brands


0-20m/min (adjustable)


110V 220 V 380 V 440V




H=1M-20M W=0.2M-2M H=0.6M-1M(Can be customized)

Load Capacity






After-sales Service

Online/Video Service

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